IP Theme

In order to promote the Youth on the Move flagship initiative and to further its goals, students in the IP develop a media product with journalistic content that is digital first, meaning that the product consists of periodical and actual content that is primarily intented for digital use first (web and mobile) and analog use second (paper).

Move to achieve – degree, new job, training, your own business. Every year the European Union supports more than 400,000 young people to work , train and study abroad.

Youth on the Move – A Europe 2020 initiative

The official Youth on the Move flagship website states:

“In the flagship initiative Youth on the Move, the Commission has set out how the EU can reach the EU 2020 targets through action in three areas both at national and European level:

  • Improving education and training systems at all levels
  • Stronger policy efforts for improving youth employment
  • More EU youth mobility for learning purposes and on the labour markets


For each of these areas, Youth on the Move has a rich agenda ranging from concrete recommendations addressed at Member States, new legislative initiatives and direct support to better information tools for young people and stronger involvement of the business sector.”

Source: http://ec.europa.eu/youthonthemove/about/policy-actions/index_en.htm