IP Mission

Media Convergence leads to fundamental changes in the journalistic field. Distribution channels like radio, television, online, and print are no longer separated. Boundaries between these media channels have become diffuse –both in content production as in its distribution. For media companies and journalists this means that established medium-centric workflows and strategies are no longer suitable. They have to be replaced by new forms of cross-media production that consider the multi-channel nature of digital content at its root.

The mission of the Youth on the Move Intensive Programme is to research media convergence and connectivist approaches to journalism and how these developments change the journalistic work-environment. Journalists and media marketers are faced with challenging tasks when creating convergent media products in novel content production workflows. In extension of this mission, the lecturers involved in the programme will research and test new ways of teaching the journalist curriculum in an age of converging media through a novel set of connectivist didactics and tools. 

Main topics of research are:

New journalism
Contemporary editorial cultures seem to clash with the traditional understanding of key quality factors in journalism, such as accuracy in the face of actuality. Meanwhile, innovation cycles in editorial technology and electronic publishing and distribution are extremely shortened, due to the strong dynamics of media convergence.

Democracy and the crowd
Besides the perspective of the content creator, the importance of user integration increases with the emergence of web 2.0 interactivity. On the one hand this leads to new opportunities for journalism like crowd sourcing or data journalism, on the other editorials are seemingly threatened. Online social networks and micro blogging services are about to become a functional alternative to organized journalism.

New business models in publishing
Traditional business models for organized journalism in media companies are endangered by the ever decreasing willingness of consumers to pay for content. Both advertisers and publishers need to develop new business models to cope with this trend.